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Thanks for visiting our site. This site is meant to create enjoyment for catfishermen and to be educational. If you have a bait recipe, fishing technique, or general input please feel free to email us and we'll post it.

We are fishermen that take it to the next level!!!!                                           

Welcome to the Kincade/Durbin Fishing Team Home Page

Breaking News

American Casting Association National Tournament  contact info listed as

Help America's youth  

Also for great catfishing gear visit and look for member  "nathankincade".


Meet the Team

Nathan Kincade, 29 years old and married with 2 children. Catfishing entire life with a passion for crappie.

Jeremy Durbin, 29 years old and single with no children. Big catfisherman and carp fisherman.

We plan on winning an awful lot this year.:)

Stringer full of cats caught on our special bait.
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